Human Food Grade

Human Food Grade

Human Food Grade


Human Food Application

Purified Cassia Gum Powder is very useful in various food applications.

Do you know what makes ice-creams, tomato ketchup, cheese, sauce and yogurt so tasty? It’s the Purified Casigel! Purified Cassia Gum Powder is an ingredient in food industry today used for emulsification, stabilization, moisture retention and texture improvement at concentrations comparable to those of other edible natural gums. 

Our refined Casigel is used as custom additive for Gel Formation and Viscosity Modification in several food items across many industries.

What sets CASIGEL™ FG apart from other gums?

  • 100% Made-in-India from naturally grown raw materials of Cassia seeds
  • Strong Quality control for any impurities
  • Manufactured on own site in Vadodara / India
  • Synergistic to many food systems
  • Creates innovative textures
  • High molecular weight polysaccharides based on galactose - mannose sugars belonging to the family of galactomannans
  • The building blocks of the polysaccharides give unique properties within the formulation
  • Offers good value proposition in synergies to other hydrocolloids and specific proteins
  • The product is off white colour, neutral in taste and odour

Cassia based gels exhibit reduced dryness. The water binding function of Cassia Gum (E427 / 1f499) gives a thicker and richer ‘mouth feel’ to the taste of food. In low processed foods it can be useful as a replacement to fat. No wonder low fat curd or low fat dressings look and feel so rich and creamy. Cassia Gum (E427 / 1f499) along with other gums and material in the apporriate proportions can hold emulsions together. Cassia Gum (E427 / 1f499) and Xanthan Gum (E415) together form solid and elastic gels that give cream cheese its perfect texture. It offers;

  • A rich after-taste
  • Texture optimization
  • Creaminess
  • Favourable spread ability
  • Water binding improvement
  • Cost effective in combination with other hydrocolloids


  • Appealing look
  • Rich mouth feel
  • Significant fat reduction possibility
  • Very smooth texture
  • Strong synergy with other hydrocolloids
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